Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova, Random Thoughts

-The show got markedly better this week. I thought Phil raised his performance level dramatically. "White Rabbit" was a surprising choice, but it really rocked.

-Speaking of "White Rabbit," it was nice to see Newstead head-banging again. Metallica nostalgia. He's still kind of a dork in his judge-mode, but a likable one.

-With Phil rising up, there's still only three decent guys on the show, with Toby and Lukas rounding out that trio. Dilana is the only girl I could see being picked.

-Ryan's only good moment so far: the observation that Dana belongs on a "pop show." She could have been a contender on American Idol.

-Josh apparently has no familiarity with the song "Come As You Are" or the band "Nirvana."

-Zayra is ridiculously bad, despite the fawning over her this week.

-Jenny deserved to go after her butchery of "Drive," but Ryan and Dana shouldn't assume they're out of the woods either.

-When are they going to have a song heavier than the Nirvana and STP grunge anthems? It's hard to get "dirty" when you're singing "Let's Spend the Night Together." Although Lukas did a great job of staying away from a pop version of the song.


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