Friday, July 07, 2006

Rock Star Results

Duran Duran, huh? I knew as soon as those four syllables left Matt's mouth that he was toast. Unless he was going to do an Orgy/Blue Monday version of the song, there was no way these guys were going to accept Duran Duran as being heavy. I mean, Newstead played bass for Metallica! Matt, that was an unforced error, buddy.

I actually think Chris is worse, and he probably won't last too much longer. His unwillingness to back down was admirable, to a degree, but he's just not very good.

Phil certainly deserved his spot in the bottom three, but his singing isn't quite as bad as Chris's. He really needs to work on his stage presence. A giant, somewhat dopey tree swaying around up there is not what the frontman for a heavy band should look like. He should find a way to look a little more menacing when he sings. The way he carries himself is something that can be changed, though, much moreso than Chris and his not singing well. So there's hope yet for ole stretch.

Promising start to the show overall.


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