Thursday, July 13, 2006

Supernova Results

Because of a cold and the baseball All-Star Game, I ended up watching both the performances and the results last night. I would rate the singers as decent overall at this point. Barring drastic improvement, most of them have little realistic chance of actually being made the lead singer, including pretty much all the women aside from Dilana. Most of the men probably too. I could see Toby or Lukas winning from the guys. Phil might have half a chance if he could manage to look less awkward on stage.

The results were kind of amusing, in that we get to see Zayra and her mangled singing one more week. I can't blame them for sending Chris home, though. He did seem to lack something authentic, and in its place was something that made him unlikable. There's too many contestants left to predict who will go home next week, but I would have to imagine it would be one of the girls. It's been two weeks, and two guys have gone home. I guess the early favorite for next week's booby prize would be Zayra.


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