Thursday, June 23, 2005

Kelo Case

For a lawyer, I don't blog that much on law issues, but the bad decision in the Kelo case jumped out at me today. Perhaps those who are upset about the decision, like me, and who believe, like me, that it shows the lack of even a passing acquaintance with the Constitution should come here to live in Michigan. Here, I am proud to say, our state supreme court last year overturned an old precedent much like Kelo and ruled that it was unconstitutional to take private property for private use:

Reversing more than two decades of land-use law, the Michigan Supreme Court
late Friday overturned its own landmark 1981 Poletown decision and sharply
restricted governments such as Detroit and Wayne County from seizing private
land to give to other private users.

The unanimous decision is a decisive victory for property owners who object
to the government seizing their land, only to give it to another private owner
to build stadiums, theaters, factories, housing subdivisions and other economic
development projects the government deems worthwhile.

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