Tuesday, June 14, 2005

PC Police Are After Putin

In case there is any confusion that this post is a defense of the man, I think Putin is a worthless world leader. That said, what's this "astonishment", according to this article, that Putin would say Africa had a history of cannibalism? Arguing that Africa has a history of cannibalism is not much of a defense to Putin's own poor human rights record and Soviet nostalgia. Still, to argue that it's a "prepostorous" thing to say (I've even done a relatively recent post on some of these shenanigans in Tanzania, although in all fairness one could argue that witch doctors and human skinners may not actually eat the people they're skinning), like a matter of public record is some sort of figment of Putin's imagination? That's pretty silly. Even worse, by focusing on whether it was taboo to mention the history of cannibalism in Africa, the PC police have fallen right into Putin's plan to distract his critics from the original topic: his own poor human rights record. Good work, bozos.


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