Friday, April 15, 2005

Beisbol: Good and Bad

Well, the good is that my fantasy team is currently in first place. My strategy was to load up on offense and neglect pitching. So far, that strategy has worked well: I am either first or second in every offensive category, and my team ERA is an obese 5.036. Even though it's early, I'm still pretty encouraged. My pitching staff can't get much worse, and my offense is dominating without guys like Scott Rolen or Javy Lopez hitting yet. I'm pretty sure that I didn't finish above 7th or 8th in my couple seasons of fantasy baseball prior to this one, so I'm feeling pretty good about my chances of having my best fantasy baseball season yet.

What I'm not feeling good about, as I watch Ugueth Urbina blow an eighth inning lead to the Royals, is the Tigers totally blowing the series against the Twins, and Mr. Ordonez's upcoming 4 -6 week absence due to a hernia.


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