Sunday, April 10, 2005

From the Coast...

...comes this spooky little tale from my anonymous LA correspondent:

So as I was driving home from work this morning at 2 am (yes it was a busy day), and I happened upon a radio station that I had never heard before. At first I thought my ears deceived me, could I really be hearing a heavy rock station in L.A.??? How many years had it been since KNAC had left us with a fit of Spice Girls? Listening blissfully I wondered why I had never heard of this wonderful station before. No commercials, only pure, sweet metal. Keeping my dial set to the melodious station, I parked my car, and slept peacefully.
Bounding into my car in the morning, my fingers trembled with anticipation as I started the engine, waiting to again hear the tempting tunes. Instead, only static. Dismayed, I desperately hoped that perhaps I was simply in a bad transmission area, so I drove on. Nothing, only static. Throughout my drive into work I would hopefully tune back to that spot on the radio, hoping to hear the station blasting through, sweetly into my ears. But nothing.
I was never able to find that station again. Perhaps it was merely a station from San Diego, that bounced across the night sky and found its way to my radio. Perhaps I happened upon a transmission from Heaven, and the Angels, upon realizing their mistake, took back their Ambrosia. Or perhaps, just perhaps, I stumbled not into a transmission from Heaven, but one emanating from the blackest depths of Hell...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pure beauty, let me wipe the tear from my eye.

7:39 PM  

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