Sunday, March 06, 2005

Wicker Man

This re-make of Wicker Man could be interesting. I generally have my doubts of the necessity of movie re-makes, though, especially if the original was good. Why try to do something that's already been done well? Seems like setting yourself up for failure. I only really like the idea of re-makes if the original had a cool idea that was squandered. The first Jeepers Creepers movie springs to mind. It had the best first 10-15 minutes of a horror movie I've seen in a long time. The rest? Unwatchable. That one is a candidate for an interesting re-make. Wicker Man is kind of borderline. The original was enjoyable in a low-level ominous kind of way. I doubt that the re-make will be able to reproduce that, given the way they make large budget movies nowadays, but there are directions they could have taken the original that the re-make could explore. Of course, they'll probably just use it to make fun of religious people, or to tell us that the worship of ancient pagan gods is just as good as every other religion. But that's just my pessimism peeking through.


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