Thursday, March 03, 2005


So what/who are my favorites? First, is the movie that should be obvious from the name of this blog: In the Mouth of Madness. A fine movie, and very underrated. Sam Neill is great in it, and in the movie I see as a sort of companion to In the Mouth of Madness: Event Horizon. Another movie that I've really gained appreciation for in the last couple of years is The Shining. It really was a masterpiece. It also provides a good segueway to horror writing, even though its author disliked the movie version enough to redo it "the way it should have been done." (Not a direct quote).

That man, of course, is Stephen King. King is the master of horror, bar none. I don't think the horror industry, especially in terms of books, would be where it is today without him. Another of my favorites, a sort of founding father of horror, is H. P. Lovecraft. His stories - he only wrote one work long enough to be considered a novel - have a sort of atmospheric horror that I really like. I'll have a lot more on Lovecraft in another post. Dean Koontz is a solid writer as well. His early stuff was especially strong, and pretty scary at times. Right now, he seems to be having a later career renaissance, especially with books like Odd Thomas.

I want to try to keep my posts fairly short, so that's all for now. I haven't nearly exhausted this topic, though, so be forewarned.


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