Monday, June 27, 2005

Jeremy Roenick Says F. U. to the Fans

Mr. Roenick, who is currently an unemployed hockey player, says to the fans:

"We're going to try to make it better for everybody, period, end of subject. And if you don't realize that, then don't come."

Aside from this not making much sense and being rather peevish, does Roenick think hockey is in a position to be thumbing its nose at fans? I think they should be happy to take back anyone who is willing to pay. This is, after all, a league whose ratings had been falling faster than the coyote off a cliff with an Acme anvil, was never widely recognized anyway, and has recently cancelled an entire season.

Now, Roenick has always said his mind, so this can be taken with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, everyone in the NHL, both on the owners' and players' sides, had better get on the same page in a hurry if they ever want to come back and be a major league again. Given the shows that have done better than them on ESPN ratings-wise (the dog show, NCAA women's softball), they are in real trouble.


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