Wednesday, May 04, 2005

This Is The American Idol Voters Dropping The Ball

The results are in, and Scott Savol is out. The week after Constantine gets booted comes another mistake, in my book. Scott did deserve to go soon, because he clearly was not as good as Bo, Carrie, or Vonzell, but not after last night's songs. I thought his choice of "On Broadway" was inspired, and for once I didn't mind his version of whatever unlistenable Brian McKnight song that was. Now, I'm not going to get carried away with my praise of Scott, because as I say he did deserve to leave soon. Just not before the true loser of last night: Anthony Fedorov. What were people thinking voting for him? He has been one of the worst singers left since it went down to twelve, and yet he manages to keep squeaking by. "Poison Ivy" was a terrible song choice, and the performance was even worse. I've heard better karaoke at the Ground Round. Then he followed that bomb up with another ballad -- his strength according to Paula. I think not. Fedorov, who does seem like a nice kid, turns every slow song into an '80's power ballad. Just painful.

As for the rest of this week, Bo was strong again with "Stand By Me" and "Heaven." I thought "Heaven" was a risky choice, but he definitely pulled it off. I also give him and Scott credit for being the only contestants to pick songs that were recognizable for the first part of the show (I guess Carrie's was too, but the guys' songs I thought were bigger). I really don't think it pays off right now to sing songs that are obscure or unfamiliar. It's much easier to know if they are singing well if you kind of know what the song is supposed to sound like. Song choice seems to be my hobby horse right now, but I think it's probably the most crucial thing right now other than the actual performance itself, and it maybe even more important than the performance if the song choice is disastrous.


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If Fedorov gets by one more week, the voting is rigged

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