Wednesday, April 27, 2005

American Idol

Constantine is out. A big surprise at first, but not as much after you think about it. Why? Two words: Nickelback. Unlike Ann Althouse, I had heard the song that Constantine performed this week, and it was among the most godawful things on the radio in the last couple of years. I actually didn't think Constantine's performance was that bad: he sounded pretty much like the Nickelback guy. The problem was that the Nickelback guy is not someone you want to sound like, especially when he's singing that song. I think that's what turned off a lot of people who usually voted for Constantine. He selected a repetitive song that was overplayed when it was popular. Not a good combination. So, even though I'm sad to see Constantine go after he gave us "Bohemian Rhapsody," he kind of deserved it. At this stage of the competition, you just can't pick a bad song.

UPDATE: Welcome, Ann Althouse readers! The wind's blowing cold and dark out there, why don't you stay for a while in here where it's warm and safe? Nose around: you might find something you like.


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