Thursday, April 28, 2005

Apprentice: Crunch Time

Now that "The Apprentice" is down to the final four and my chances of guessing right have gone way up, I am going to go way out on a limb and offer a prediction on who will win. Last week, Bren, the guy who I had pegged from the beginning as my pick for the winner, finally bowed out. I also came to the realization that neither Bren, while I liked him, nor Alex, for whom I don't particularly care, has any spark or imagination. (Being a lawyer like them but also a writer, I'm hoping that their profession is not the reason for that particular flaw)

Of the four remaining, who is the most likely to walk away with the job that no one in their right mind would want? Assuming that the Donald watches the tape from each task before the next one, I would say that Craig and Tana have about as much chance of winning as I do. That going home and going to sleep thing while Kendra spent the whole night working on their project was just unacceptable -- something a high school slacker would do. Alex, as I mentioned, lacks creativity. Trump does seem to like him, mysteriously, but I am confident that he will be exposed in the next couple of weeks.

That leaves Kendra, my new pick for the Apprentice, despite the fact that she looks like she's in pain when she smiles. Even if I didn't think the others were incompetent, though, I would pick Kendra. I've never really liked her, but she is a pretty dynamic candidate. First, she nailed that exclusive marketing deal with the surrounding businesses for their putt putt course. Then she singled-handedly created a brochure for the Solstice that the Pontiac folks liked so much they are going to use it. Finally, last week she played a large part in coming up with the winning office supply project. She's had quite a run, and I have a hard time imagining her getting fired at this point. Basically, I think she has to screw up big time to lose, because I don't believe the others can beat her.


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