Monday, May 02, 2005

Blade - Trinity

I watched Blade - Trinity this weekend, and I have to say that I was disappointed. I was a latecomer to the Blade series, having only watched the first two installments this past winter. I enjoyed the first one, but the second was excellent. It retained the action and coolness of the first while adding an extra element of spookiness. It might be surprising, but my opinion is that despite their subject matter - vampires - these movies are really more in the action genre than in horror. I don't think that they guy who wrote the three movies, David Goyer, would dispute that characterization, and I don't hold that against the movies.

Nevertheless, I thought the third movie was letdown, especially considering the upward arc of the first two films. My criticisms are twofold. First, the movie felt like a rehash of the first two. The plot was of course marginally different, and Blade gained some new buddies, but overall the trajectory of the action felt very canned and predictable. Second, what was the deal with Dracula? In the brief opening sequence, he seemed to be potentially scary, but then the rest of the movie he was portrayed by an actor who appeared to be channeling a clean-shaven, eastern European Barry Gibb. In short, Dracula, who was supposed to be badder than bad, was not even particularly alarming to look at. The one credit I will give Goyer is that he did not turn Dracula into the self-pitying mess of an undead like Anne Rice specializes in. Goyer's Dracula is sufficiently evil, but somehow manages to not be sufficiently scary.

I am going to stop now, because I actually thought that the movie was pretty good overall, despite the faults I found with it. My main problem with it was my too-high expectations. I liked Ryan Reynolds, although his character was drawn a little over the top, and Jessica Biel's beauty was wasted with a plain look. Blade - Trinity is worth watching if you are looking for some fairly mindless action, and those out there who have seen the first two should definitely watch it to complete the trilogy.


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