Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Apprentice Blow Out

In anticipation of tonight's finale, we finally watched last week's Apprentice tonight. This one wasn't even really close. They edited Tana's event to make it look awful, and Kendra's went basically without a hitch after a couple of touch and go moments right at the beginning. In fact, at the end of hers one of the video game guys (I think he was from EA) actually offered Kendra a job with his company! Meanwhile, Tana was too busy brushing off Pataki's lackey to notice that the governor of New York was just hanging out while she made him wait. Good thing she offered to get him a donut.

I don't see how this one was even close. It was interesting how they tried to keep some interest alive in the boardroom scene by bringing up how Danny hijacked the sponsors when they arrived for their very first meeting with Kendra and then asking her if she didn't think it was important to meet with the sponsors. I think it was pretty clear, though, that she didn't realize they had arrived when Danny was first talking to them. And while someone in her position is supposed to be attentive, I think it's a little unreasonable to expect her to be clairvoyant. Besides, if she limited Danny to that one problem throughout the whole task (they didn't show any others, but that doesn't mean he didn't screw anything else up), then she's as much of a miracle worker as Annie Sullivan.

I'm looking forward to hearing the difference in how the two teams talk about Tana and Kendra, especially Kristen, who might actually speak her mind. Other than that, I'm not sure how exciting the finale will be. I seem to remember last season's finale taking an hour and a half to annoint Mr. Roboto as the next Apprentice. I'm glad this one's only an hour.


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