Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bill Gates Is A Winner

I just like this guy. The article discusses Mr. Gates's prediction that the cell phone will eventually replace iPods and their like as the mobile music player of preference. He has interesting thoughts about that and about other technologies as well. Reading the article made me realize again just how impressive Mr. Gates really is. I just love his drive to dominate the market in technology and to innovate. It's people like him that made this country great: the risk-takers who fight tooth and nail for products that they believe in. Like other giants of the past, such as the so-called "robber barons," he takes abuse from news media that hate successful businessmen, and he has fought government overreaching, as in the Microsoft monopoly case. Through it all, he has remained a true winner.

He also talks about his retirement, which is still over a decade off. The day he steps down will be a sad one for American progress.


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