Tuesday, May 17, 2005

American Idol -- DVR Blogging

I'm watching the show on DVR tonight, so I've seen the last ten - fifteen minutes and am now wrapping around to the beginning. I'm surprised at Clive Davis's picking an Elton John song for Bo, but he's pulling it off. Randy likes it: he has promoted Bo from Captain of the Dog Pound to lifetime member (I think that's a promotion).

I still find Carrie to be like a claymation puppet. She's definitely no Roy Orbison, either. I can't believe the judges liked her rendition of "Crying."

Vonzell always seems nice, but she's had a lot of shaky performances lately. Her first song tonight wasn't that great, in my opinion. Ah, but she redeems herself with "Chain of Fools." A great song, and a great version of it.

Bo's second song -- Wow. There's only one thing to say after that song: Bo wins.

Carrie's second song was okay, but Bo's act was a tough one to follow. I do hope that Bo wins, though. I'm kind of looking forward to buying his cd.


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