Friday, March 17, 2006

Howling II: Your Sister is a Werewolf

Yes, this is the title of an actual movie. Yes, it is very bad. In a strange way I appreciated the honesty of the title, though. It lets you know right up front that the movie is going to stink. That way, there's really no chance of a letdown.

It starts off with a hilarious segment of Christopher Lee (who has a great voice, even if it is used for a cheesy purpose here) narrating I think a passage from Revelations against a terribly done background of stars. Why? Who knows. The people who made this movie clearly were mixed up. For instance, they apparently had no concept of the difference between werewolf and vampire legends. This movie has silver bullets, but it also has stakes, Transylvania, and I think even garlic. The only thing missing was bats and guys with pronounced widow's peaks.

Almost impossibly, the movie went downhill from the opening -- although I do give it credit for using the line "your sister is a werewolf" within the first five minutes. Way to make sure we didn't get confused. This movie would have been frustrating, because I think werewolves can be kind of scary if done right, but it was just too inept to believe that it ever had a chance of being good. They even mess up the nudity by having the sex scenes be between these sort of half-formed werewolf/human mixtures. They were far more gross than erotic.

There's really very little else to say about the movie. It's funny in a MST3k kind of way, but it's only marginally worth watching even for those purposes. Watch at your own peril.


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