Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Idol

I also got my first AI watching of the season in last night. I don't like the "drama" of the whole audition process. I didn't really watch it last year, and I was happy to skip all of it this year. I do like taking in the variety of songs that the contestants try out now that they get to choose. Song selection is huge for me -- I immediately took a liking to Bucky for singing Skynyrd's "Simple Man." I thought Chris Daughtry was amazing with "Dead or Alive" also. Of course, they're both from North Carolina, and I am a fan of that state (I could live in the Smokies, no problem). So I guess it makes sense. I think the best, though, and by far the most interesting, was Taylor Hicks. Yes, another Southerner, but one singing Elton John. Overall, assuming that some of the deadwood is thinned out quickly, watching the guys sing should be pretty enjoyable. I'll have to force myself to watch the gals, but I typically dislike most of the songs they choose to sing. I wonder if anyone has ever sung Portishead? That would be pretty cool.


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