Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cue the "Jaws" Music....

Joey Harrington may start this weekend for the Lions. Da da. Da da. All kidding aside, it really doesn't matter if Harrington or Garcia starts when the Lions are using turnstiles instead of offensive linemen (all right, not all kidding aside). To me, the main indictment against Matt Millen (other than his nightmarish won-loss record) is that he has failed so completely to build up a line that can pass or run block. I think all but the most inept teams have a line that can do one or the other at least passably well.

That reminds me of the one really good criticism of Millen's selecting Mike Williams where he did: the fact that they could have had the best offensive lineman-- probably Jammal Brown, who went 13th overall to the Saints. Would 10th (where the Lions picked) have been too high to take Brown? That's a pretty hard case to make.

I'm just hoping he learns from this season and brings in some legitimate talent for the O-line (I'll eat a little crow here, because I thought Rick DeMulling would be at least solid and certainly not the eye-gougingly bad he has been). After all, it's looking like we might be in for another high draft pick...


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