Monday, October 17, 2005

On Monday Night Football

As I sweat over the performances of my fantasy football teams, I have to comment on something I've really noticed this season (I didn't watch that much Monday Night Football last year). Pairing John Madden with Al Michaels has really caused Madden to elevate his performance. The last years of Madden and Summerall were brutally painful, as Summerall completely lost his edge and left Madden to verbally wander like a babe in the woods. Madden's knowledge was always there, but he used to lack focus. With Michaels now, it's really a pleasure to listen to him. His stories are much shorter and less rambly, and now his immense knowledge of the game can really shine through. Listening to him is actually a learning experience. And how often do you hear that about a football announcer?


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