Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Top Ten Horror Movie List

Ah, lists. I love them. Here's one done by a movie magazine called "Total Film," as reported by the BBC. It's not bad, overall, but The Exorcist is an unacceptable omission. I would bump it into first place and knock The Wicker Man (I like it, but not top-10 like it) off the list. It's hard to argue with the rest of the inclusions, although I must admit to not having seen Don't Look Now and Cannibal Holocaust yet. I actually had never heard of Cannibal, but I will say that the title is intriguing. I do already have Don't Look Now on my list to see, though. I have a feeling that I would knock one of these off for The Blair Witch Project. The comments are open, as always, for additions.


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