Friday, September 30, 2005

Videotaping Your Own Murder

It happened to this poor young bowhunter in Wisconsin. It's a chilling story, but one thing in it annoyed me. At the beginning, the article says that the authorities might never have known what happened to him if they hadn't found the tape. Fine, I guess. You could read this to mean that they wouldn't have known it was a murder. But then later, the article implies that because there was no blood when the police found the body and the wounds from the gun were small that the video tape was somehow necessary to show that he had been shot. Hello!, he says in a sarcastic Mike Myers voice. Does the reporter not think that someone like a medical examiner might actually examine the body to determine the cause of death? I mean, the tape was good for catching the killer, but the article sounds silly when it keeps implying that the authorities wouldn't have been able to figure out that this was a murder without it.

I'm just saying.


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