Wednesday, April 26, 2006

American Idol -- Love Songs

This show wasn't as brutal as I was worried it would be. Let's go through the contestants individually.

Katharine McPhee: The judges surprised me here. I thought she was very good, whereas they acted like she was some drunk warbling in a park. I suspect it's because I've never paid close attention to Whitney Houston's version of the song, which follows from my not liking Whitney Houston.

Elliott Yamin: Seems like a nice guy, and seemingly never sings poorly. How about picking a song I've actually heard? I get bored with him every time because I never know the song.

Kellie Pickler: I like Kellie, but she has sucked the last couple of weeks. She acts like she believes she's in over her head. I disagree with that and wish she would buck up. Her voice is fine in its country range, really no worse than Carrie Underwood's, and she has much more charisma than Carrie. I guess she needs more of Underwood's undertaker cold-bloodedness.

Paris Bennett: An absolutely brutal song choice, and she didn't sing it well. Her vocals were more mushy than Marlon Brando's in Apocalypse Now.

Taylor Hicks: I like Taylor a lot. If Chris doesn't win, I hope the soul patroller wins (even though I think "Soul Patrol" is woefully lame). To channel Randy, this week was just okay for me, though.

Chris Daughtry: I'm just glad he put on a solid performance and the judges loved him. Now he can move on from this dreck. He didn't sing either of my suggestions, which is unfortunate. Choosing Bryan Adams was more unfortunate, but he pulled it off okay. Still, I'll never like that song.

Who goes this week? I can honestly say I don't know, and I'm not going to look at DialIdol this week, because I like the surprise. If I had to bet, I would say Paris.


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