Monday, December 19, 2005

Roger Eberts Top Ten List

I generally like Mr. Ebert, especially after his review of The Devil's Rejects. I find his top 10 list to be mostly full of unmitigated crap, though, with the possible exception of King Kong and maybe one or two others. His comments on movies outside the top 10 are the more interesting part of the list, in my opinion. I thought Cinderella Man should have gotten more credit and didn't, at least from the critics, because Russell Crowe's character didn't give in to temptation. Movie critics tend to like characters who don't make them feel bad about their own failings, and vice versa.

Also, after The Thin Red Line, I will never see another Terrance Malick movie again as long as I live. I'm still angry that I lost those three hours of my life. And then there's Ebert's description of The New World as depicting "an unspoiled sylvan forest, where the Indians live in harmony with the land and the English blunder in with guns and ignorance." Could there be any more PC cliches in one sentence? Anyway, the article's worth a read.


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