Thursday, September 22, 2005

Summer Has Ended...

...and so has the Summer of the Vampire. Yes, I did finish reading Dark Dance, although it was touch and go to be honest. I've delayed writing this post because this whole series of books has been disappointing. I kept waiting for the really good one, the white-knuckler, but it never came. Oh well. I'll do a brief recap of Ms. Lee's opus, and then end with a ranking of the four (everybody likes rankings).

There's not a heck of a lot to say about DD. As I mentioned a while back, it started off interesting. However, once the main character, Rachaela (Yes, that was her name. There was a guy named Adamus too. And yes, reading those names did get annoying after a while) arrives at the spooky house on the heath, the forward movement of the plot peters to a stop. Things happen after this, 350 pages worth of them, but the string of events is not really a plot. I was mildly curious about how she would wrap it up, but even that felt obvious when I read it. Not the best horror book I've ever read.

So here's the rankings:

1. Vampire Junction; not a perfect book, but far beyond the others
2. The Historian; ambitious and highly enjoyable at times, but too many words in between those times
3. Dark Dance; neat beginning, some creativity, and an excellent back of the book blurb equals not quite last place
4. Children of the Night; Awful; I'm surprised the bloodsuckers haven't come after Mr. Simmons for this one


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