Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Harry Potter

I finished The Half-Blood Prince last night, which makes me happy because I really didn't want to have the ending spoiled for me. I will extend the same courtesy here and make only general comments about the book.

First, this book takes the series even higher. I'm amazed that anyone can consider these books boring or, really, anything less than incredible.

Second, a very important character does die (and I mean very important; I don't know if it was just me, but I wasn't blown away when Sirius Black died), but I would venture to say it is the manner of the death that is more shocking than the person's identity.

Third, this book is the most satisfying so far in letting you in on some of the secrets that have been withheld in the first five books. It's nice to finally get an idea of what's going on. Related to this, I think people who criticize the use of the Penseive are off-base. At this point in the series, Rowling had to start filling in some background on the history of the various characters, especially Voldemort. The Penseive allowed her to show the action of the past instead of having someone tell the story or read about it. A very potent device.

Finally, in this book Harry finally really seems to take up his mantle. His behavior is much more mature than it was in past books, and for the first time, he really seems superior to Ron and Hermione instead of just luckier.

I'm looking forward to the final episode, even though I'm sad that it will be the last.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know when the next book is coming out?? And i heard that the 7th book will be the last book in the series but not the last book she writes about Harry Potter.

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