Monday, July 18, 2005

Minding the Store

We watched the first of the two episodes last night of the new show "Minding the Store" with the much less odd Pauly Shore. The ads for the show piqued our interest because they made the show look different from a lot of what's on tv, with the potential for some odd storylines and characters. The show focuses on Mr. Shore's (and yes, I do feel ridiculous typing "Mr. Shore," but it has been my custom so far on this blog to address people I don't know in that manner, and I don't see a reason to deviate from it in this case) attempt to manage "the world-famous Comedy Store," which is a comedy club. The first episode featured Mr. Shore's idea for a "Hot Girls of the Comedy Store." This was his attempt to increase the attendance at the club. Was it good? We thought it was okay. Mr. Shore is a fairly charismatic individual, especially now that he's popped the Weasel person, and there were some pretty funny moments along the way. It was at least good enough to get us to watch the second episode, which we have stored on the DVR. I will report back.


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