Monday, March 21, 2005

More Naomi Watts

Filming for King Kong, starring our favorite Ring herione Naomi Watts, has wrapped. Now, I've announced a general presumption against re-makes, but even at the time of that announcement I noted that there would be exceptions to this rule. This is one of them, for two main reasons. First, Peter Jackson, simply, is magnificent. He captured the hearts of fantasy geeks everywhere (including this one) for putting Lord of the Rings on the screen in such a dominating fashion. That was a project that could have crashed and burned, hard, but Jackson won a Best Picture Oscar for it. That was amazing. Second, the original King Kong, while a great story, was definitely lacking a bit in the technology department, and that is a fairly important part of a movie where your title character is a fifty foot ape living on an island with other over-sized and/or extinct beasts. I'm curious to see what Jackson can do with it.


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