Monday, August 22, 2005

Monsters of the Deep

National Geographic Channel has some excellent programming coming out right now. Last night, we watched a show called "Monsters of the Deep," which was a scientific evaluation of the data supporting lake and sea monsters. The show definitely had a skeptical bent, but I thought it was pretty fair in allowing the monster-advocating crowd to present its side before systematically showing why their "evidence" shows absolutely nothing.

While I enjoyed the show (one nice thing about lake monster legends is that the lakes the monsters allegedly inhabit are all very beautiful, so that they scenery in these shows is always top notch), I did find it a little depressing. The reason I like the myths about lake monsters and Bigfoot is because it's fun to think there's still a little bit of mysterious, and maybe dangerous, unknown out there. Of course I don't want to delude myself into believing in these things, but having their existence not disproven is nice. This show was definitely damaging to the case for watery monsters of all types, making the pleasure of watching it bittersweet. At least we still have Bigfoot. Until the National Geographic Channel gets its digital hands on him, that is.


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